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Water and Flood Damage Restoration Specializing in Residential and Comercial Restoration

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Few situations are as frightening or frustrating for a property owner than flooding. Whether your home or commercial building falls victim to a burst pipe, clogged drain or flash flood, the effects could be catastrophic. Your carpeting can get waterlogged, electrical systems may short-circuit, and walls could become soaked. When any of these situations arise, you need expert water damage restoration in a hurry. That’s why countless clients have come to trust First Restoration America for complete water damage repair service.

Our team here will restore any level of residential or commercial flood restoration. We have experience working in all types of residential and commercial water damage environments, including manufacturing areas, warehouses, healthcare facilities, hotels and office buildings. We’re proud to serve Charlotte and the surrounding area, but we’re also ready to answer the call nationwide should circumstances dictate.

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The Benefits of Professional Water Damage Cleanup

When you hire professional water damage contractors to handle your flood damage restoration, nothing will be left to chance. Our experienced technicians can assess the situation and develop a comprehensive and customized response plan to address all issues with your structure. Without our expertise, an incomplete cleanup could lead to more serious trouble down the road such as mold growth or loss of structural integrity.

What We Can Do For You

Below is a general summary of our water damage restoration service, but we can adjust our services to meet your precise needs. Whatever the case, our highly qualified team of experts will provide exceptional assistance to address any issue, such as:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Cleaning and organizing of all content
  • Complete structural drying
  • Removal of at-risk items to reduce consequential loss
  • Water removal and extraction
  • Anti-microbial application
  • Set up of a controlled drying system
  • Regular monitoring and review of drying
  • Mold, odor and corrosion control
  • Identification of obvious pre-existing damp areas
  • Target drying where appropriate
  • Provision of drying charts and certification
  • Hauling away of debris
  • Carpet cleaning or carpet extraction and replacement
  • Hardwood floor drying
  • Wall/cabinet drying

Have Water Damage?
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Why Choose First Restoration?

We stand apart from the rest of the industry because our entire focus is on making the recovery process as quick and stress-free for you as possible. From the moment we set foot on your property, we begin creating a customized plan to bring your home, office or other site back to its original condition. We will be with you every step of the way, so you can always be sure you know exactly where you stand. We also take care of coordinating with your insurance provider, taking as much of the worry off your mind as possible.

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