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Disaster Recovery Services – High Point, NC

High Point, NC, has an exceptional disaster recovery team working hard to be there whenever an emergency occurs. Whether you’re recovering from mold, water, fire, or smoke damage, the professional team at First Restoration America is more than qualified to provide property restoration in both residential and commercial areas.

Water Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage

Mold Remediation

Commercial Restoration


Disaster Recovery Services

Water Damage

This is one of the most common types of damage faced by homes, so our team is fully prepared to take on any water damage that you might have. Whether it’s the result of humidity, moisture, flooding, or something else, we’ll come up with a detailed and efficient plan for your home or business’s full recovery.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Keep your home or business safe from toxins by removing excess smoke after a fire occurs. No matter how small or large the fire was, our experienced team is readily available to help you recover and move ahead safely.

Mold Remediation

There are various molds that can grow in different places within your home or office. Some can be toxic for you to breathe—even if it’s just for a mere second. Our disaster recovery service can remove mold from the area, cleanse the air for you, and take steps to prevent mold from returning.

Commercial Restoration

Our team can help your business recover after almost any kind of disaster. Every second you’re not open costs you money, so we want to minimize your financial damage and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Choosing Us

Our team at First Restoration strives to provide exception service for all emergency situations in the High Point, NC, area. We’re fully prepared to respond promptly to any problem. If you have any questions about our property restoration services, please don’t hesitate to call us directly at (704) 239-5861.


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What Our Customers Say

As a customer I didn’t feel like a customer. I was kept well informed in all things that could have happened and that should be done. Instead of 1st Restoration just doing some work I was included in what was being done. I will recommend them to anyone needing help


Tard P
Source: BBB
Dec 24, 2018

First Restoration did a first rate job. They cleared out all the wet, damaged sheet rock , carpeting and wood flooring throughout the first floor. They also did mold remediation for the house. They were able to work their magic quickly and efficiently so we can now start all the repair work.


Jeanette DeLisle
Source: Google
Oct 24, 2018

Great job, educating me as they went about their work, clean left my home the way I never thought a work crew would. From the people answering the phone to the workers, the best I have ever worked with.


Tard Porter
Source: Google
Oct 23, 2018

First Restoration was absolutely fabulous to work with. Not only did they help me at a time of great need following Hurricane Matthew, but they were reliable, great with communication, honest, and tried to complete the project in a timely manner. They assisted with the insurance claim, as well. I would highly recommend their services.


Sandi Rose
Source: Google
Oct 22, 2018

I could not ask for better service! These guys were out at my house first thing in the morning of my home emergency. They were responsive to all my questions, patient with us, respectful of our property and time, and most importantly they were professional and ON TIME!! When you are in crappy situations, these guys should be the ones on your side. The work was done in a timely fashion and the communication withbus was beyond expectations.


Krystle H
Source: BBB
Oct 19, 2018

Professional, knowledgeable and responsive pleasure to work with identified what needed to be done handled all aspects extremely well including working with the insurance company. Would highly recommend this company


Shanna Havrilak
Source: Google
Feb 10, 2017

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